There are tons of blogs that make money but in this, I'm going to tell only those types of blogs which people are searching and these types of blogs cover most of the blogging world which makes the most money

That doesn’t mean you can’t start a blog of other types, you can but I m just here to give you and suggestion about popular blog types

Blogging does not mean just writing content on the web and making money. Earlier blogging means just writing and providing the knowledge you know but Now a day trend of blogging has been changed as it becomes more competitive and filled with a lot of creativity. There are tons of blog out there on one a particular topic like aloe vera plant but if you want to create a blog related to this you have to be much more creative or strategical as compare to others to rank in the search engine

At a beginner level, you have chosen a particular topic ( niche ) you want to blog about. Don’t go with multiple topics at a time as a beginner or else you will end up getting no result on anything

Have a clear purpose why you want to start a blog? The reason may be anything passion, money, or anything else. Having a clear purpose will keep motivating you to do because blogging at a beginning level feels so boring and lonely so your purpose will keep on help you to stick to it

But before starting a blog you should know how to start a blog and SEO

You should write a blog that generates organic traffic or money making blogs

So here are the types of blog blogs the makes money

1.     Financial Blog

Finance bog is one of the most important blog types on my list because of its value in this competitive world

Finance blogging means aware people about shares, bond, market ups and down or any type of financial activities related to that field

Financial blog

In financial blogs, you can see markets related true information or the writer’s own opinion on that topic

If you plan to start a finance blogging you have to sure from the source of information, you are referring to. Trading of stock and it’s current value along with your prediction of future everything makes a perfect blog

You have to be a guide or a helping hand for all those investors, businessmen, or all other readers of your blog article, by doing this your authority or trust amongst the reader will boost up.

2.     Nutritional Blog

A nutritional blog is another most popular blog types which people search the most

A nutritional blog means providing nutritional knowledge to readers. Proper food to stay healthy. Protein, fiber, vitamin, minerals, etc require a normal person, which will keep us healthy all the time.

Nutritional blog

The nutritional blog includes all the essential nutrients requires for a human body, as this a health niche blog it has huge competition in the search engine

But what about the beginner?

Rather than covering all the nutritional essential cover just a small part of this niche like high protein healthy food, etc

You can make a list of all the healthy fruits and veggies according to climate or about seasonal food items etc

The main intention of this kind of blog is to spread awareness about health care and disease causes due to unhealthy food and their symptoms

3.     News Blog

People like to update themselves in this corporate world, nobody wants to feel like another planet human in front of others so I hope you’re able to guess it important news blog includes everything. Everything happening in the world or country. As you see the news channel on T.V, the same news blog works. Current affairs, financial crises, events, social media events, etc are all making a perfect new blogs

News blog

While creating a new blog you have to target a specific group of an audience either it could be a particular country, state, or city.

You can also create a news blog of whole worlds but the negative side is that no one wants to know about whole worlds, most of the people want to know about some specific reason

While doing news blog you have to be you have to quick and accurate before sharing it on the web, outdated news will not bring so much impact on readers as compared to ongoing news

4.     Affiliate Blogging

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and easy.
Affiliate blogging is a type of niche blogging were you have to join an affiliate network/program and become it the member and have promoted their product and can earn a commission on each sale you make.
Affiliate marketing

In simple words, affiliate marketing means promoting others company’s product or services through your blog by affiliate link ( you will get after joining affiliate program ) and you will get paid on every sale you make from your affiliate link
You can join any affiliate programs for free, there is no money investment required only blog expenses require, that too you can do for free

5.     Diet and Fitness

Diet and fitness blog is the most popular blog  all over the worlds irrespective of any profession, gender, age, etc
Everyone wants to look like an alpha guy and want to develop their physic

diet and fitness blog

Diet and fitness includes yoga, proper gaining or losing diet, exercise, etc
Fitness blog help you in getting perfect physic and a personality that can impress  anyone
If you want to start a diet and fitness related blog then you should be so much conscious about your tips or ways while sharing it with others. If you are interested in targeting fitness freak or bodybuilder then this should be a great blog type for you

6.     Fashion

The fashion blog is just booming in the modern era because everybody wants to look good and want to impress the opposite gender

Fashion blog

Fashion blog means providing valuable content to your audience related to  clothing, outfits, accessories, etc
fashion is not all about just clothing and outfits it also includes stylish haircuts, communication skills, grooming well, etc.
It is always better to go with a sub-topic in your niche, so it becomes easy to get identify at a beginner level.

7.     Travel blogging

If you love to travel then this type of blogging is going to very fun and interesting. Now a day people are getting too much stressed out due to their work so they usually plan a trip with friends or family to bust out their stress. From their a role of travel, blogger come into existent

Travel blog

Travel blog basically means traveling to different places and writing their experience
Traveler mentions his own traveling experience and accommodation. So if the reader finds it interesting then it also inculcates a desire in them to visit that place
But a travel blogger you should be financially strong before you have to visit various places

8.     Food blogging

Food blogging is one of the most favorite blog types for me because who doesn’t like food!
Food blog means making delicious food and sharing its recipes to the readers or you can write any restaurant review you have visited

food blog

Food bog is not a specific term for just making delicious food recipes or reviewing the restaurant, it can be anything related food industry

9.     Lifestyle

Lifestyle blog means everything related to your life, it’s a way of documenting your life.
Lifestyle blog doesn’t have any limit you can share anything in your blog related to your life.
It includes your clothing sense, hairstyle, traveling, enjoying, etc

Lifestyle blog

By being a lifestyle blogger you can be an influencer, motivational speaker, public figure. You will have full freedom to do what you want.
You can become a lifestyle blogger by just documenting your lifestyle on blogs and various other social media platforms which will improve your personal brand

10.     Trending Event

Trending event blog

Trending blog means providing content related to any trending events happening in the world or country. It is a kind of news but it not exactly as news. It can be music, dance videos, accident or any kind of certain or uncertain events comes in trending blog

11.     Event blogging

Event blogging

Event blogging is the blog that requires only a one-time effort. Event blog means blogging on any festival or any events which people are fond of. The basic rule of event blogging is to create a blog post regarding any events before one or two months so that  the chance of rankling is high

12.     Educational

Educational blog

The educational blog includes all those blogs which give you knowledge on a particular topic like Neil Patel blog which provides you knowledge about blogging and digital marketing, Backlinko about backlinks, and many more. Education blog doesn’t just limit with schooling education but it can be of all types of education which you want  to provide to others

13.     Décor

Décoration blog is one of the most attractive blogs on the webs because it attracts all those audiences who want to décor their houses. These types of blogs basically contain a lot of value or a sense of cleanliness in our surroundings. Decoration blog includes interior designing, proper arrangement of each and every element of a house.

Decor blog

You can start a décor blog by providing valuable content to others related to housekeeping and trips and tricks regarding housekeeping which inspires them to make a change in their houses.

14.     Baby

Baby blogs are one of the most sensitive blogs. The baby blog includes tips and tricks for mothers to keep their babies healthy and hygienic. It basically includes feeding food, proper shower, massaging, etc. In short, the writer is like a guide and mentor for new mothers

Baby blog

Or you can sell the child’s essential think and can make money
If you are a mother or you know about baby care then this blog type is going to be interesting for you

15.     Parenting

Parenting blog

Parenting blog is a kind of baby blog but in the bay blog, it specifically targets babies. But in parenting blogs, it targets every child no matter what is their age. Parenting blog gives you advice, tips, and tricks, like our real parents give to use. It is like a virtual parents

16.     DIY

DIY blog

DIY stands for Do It Yourself. DIY blog has a huge fan following everywhere because of its creativity. DIY includes craftwork, wood artworks, hand mand creative works, and many more. You can’t limit DIY blog  because it depends upon a human creativity

17.     Pets

Pet blog

A Pet blog is the best option for an aminal lover. Pet blog is more useful for all those people who are looking to buy a pet, animal lover, pet owners, etc.
There is a wide scope of earning in pet either you can sell your pet produce or you can be a partner with any company or make money through affiliate marketing

18.     Freelance blogging

Freelance blog

Freelance blogging means writing a blog post for others and getting paid for your service. There is plenty of freelancing site on the web like Fiverr, Worknhire, Upwork, iwriter, etc.
For becoming a freelance blogger first you have created your profile on freelancing sites and create a dummy blog post so that the people who going to hire you will have an overview of your writing skill


Each and every blog type which are mention over here, you can start any of it.
While starting a blog you have to keep this in mind that you are not going to see the result in a day  or a couple of months, it takes years of experience and knowledge to be a successful blog
Blogging is not just about writing, it includes lots of things like SEO, Traffic, backlinks, etc.