Did you start your blog and want to do keyword research?


But you don’t have money to invest in highly paid and professional keyword research tools.


You don’t have struggle any more related to keywords research. 


Here you will get 17 Best Keywords Research Tools For SEO, totally for free but few of them also have the premium versions, although you can access them for free with certain limitations.


Before directly getting into the topic, we should discuss the biggest mistake made by new bloggers related to SEO tools.


I have seen many of the bloggers start their new blog and they buy premium SEO tools without knowing how to use that tool and it really worth it.


After, they end up getting confused.


In the beginning, if you want to give a try to blogging then I will never recommend you to go for premium SEO tools.


After giving a try then you realize that you want to do blogging for being then you can buy any SEO tools because now you are really with your knowledge and you can fully utilize your money.


But anyway, these 17 best keyword tool for SEO which help you to boost your SEO, I personally use these tools till now to do keywords research (sometime )


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       1. Keyword Everywhere –


Keyword Everywhere

Keywordeverywhere is a chrome extension that you can add to your browser by just one click.

Keywordeverywhere is a fully free chrome the extension which has many features in it like other paid tools


After adding this extension in your browser you just have to enable it. Now you see keywords of everything you search in google. You can see related keywords of that searched terms which help perform SEO

You can also 50 keywords that people are searching for. It shows you both the long-tail and short-tail keyword.


Keyword Everywhere

It helps you to see your competitor’s monthly traffic on that page along with their ranking keywords.


You just need to search your topic and you can see a monthly organic visitors to that page on the top of their title.


Keyword Everywhere

How to spy on competitor keywords?


After a search on google, you will see keywords on top of the title. You have to click that and you are able to see every keyword of the page that they are ranking along with the position of each keyword of that page. 


Keywordeverywhere will also show you the trend of that topic according to every year’s data.////

You can see the trend of that topic whether it is moving upward or downward and according you can start your blog


Keyword Everywhere

No other tool provides much information for free but keyword everywhere does it for you.

So, I will highly recommend you to use keywords everywhere because it personally helped me a lot with keywords and best is that, it is not just limited to google chrome it also uses for youtube.


       2. Keyword surfer – 

Keywords surfer is also a chrome extension that you can add to your chrome in just one click and you don’t have to do any registration process.

The best thing about keyword surfer is that you will get the search volume of everything you search in browse


Keyword surfer

It shows the data from every country. For example, you can see the search volume of your keywords according to each the country along with its keywords that people are more searching for in that particular country.


Keyword surfer

Keyword surfer

If you want to rank your blog post in one particular country or even more, then this chrome extension is best for you and you can easily target any country by analyzing the search volume and related the keyword of that country.


Tips – a combination of both keyword everywhere and keyword surfer works really well and you get full information related to your targeted keyword if you combine both of these tools


      3. AnswerThePublic – 


Answer the public


Answerthepublic is a tool which has a large number of question in it which the content creator to use that topic and write content on it thus you will have the benefit of organic search traffic to your blog or website

This tool provides you keywords from A to Z alphabetically. You will get every query and doubts of people along with keywords.


You will get more than 500+ keywords in general for every search topic. 


How to use the answerthepublic?


 After reaching to the official site of answerthepublic, you have searched for any terms which you want to write content about.


For example – A food blog

 Answer the public

You will more than enough results you wanted. Now you can pick any keyword or you can also write a whole article on any topic you want.


Answer the public

You can also download images or can export that data to your device.


With all of the result, you can easily get your full month’s blog post ideas 


But it is not free, you can access that tool 5 times a day. But for a beginner, you can easily get enough keywords and content ideas from it.


    4. Ubersuggest – 



Ubersuggest is a free keyword and SEO analysis tool by Neil Patel. 

You can do 5 searches for free per day in that tools more than that you have to get their premium version.


Its the only tool that provides you the full premium experience for free. 

You can do a lot more thing from that tool apart from keywords research for free of cost

Like – 


           Keywords research 

           Content research

           Backlink analysis

           search volume and competition of any keyword

           Competitor analysis

           You can audit your site

           Keywords and content ideas

           Top pages of any topic



In short, Ubersuggest is an overall package for you to perform better SEO in your niche.


5.   Keywordtool.io



Keywordtool.io is one of the best keywords research tools that provide the best result just like other paid tools


Keywordtool.io has a free version and it paid version.


The free version you can find long-tail keywords up to 750 or more.


Although if you want to know the search volume of every keyword then you have buy the pro version of it.


Keywordtool.io is the best alternative to google keyword planner. 


You can access everything in that tool without creating an account.


Basically, keywordtool.io provides you all those keywords which are the most searched term o Google, so you will get a proper and best ever results to performs your site SEO 


You can also find keywords in your local language.


The difference between the paid version and the free version is that you will not get the search volume of every keyword in the free version


6.  Google keyword planner


Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a free tool provided by Google.

You will more than enough keywords for every topic you search for.

It included both long-tail keywords and short tail keywords of any topic.


It also month volume of that keywords but it's not fully accurate it shows the range between for every keyword like 10k - 25k.


You can see the average monthly search and the competition level of every keyword and accordingly you can make a choice for your page


You will an overview of every keyword thus you can use it to grow your page


Google keywords planner tool is an advertising tool to perform SEM that why it shows bids and average monthly searches.


But we can use it for keyword research also without any restrictions


7.  Bulk Keyword Generator 


Bulk Keyword Generator

The bulk keyword research tool is a free tool which helps to get 1000's of the keyword in just two click 


The bulk keyword research tool is a local SEO tool for small businesses and marketers in local areas 


But you can also use it for a wider internal audience.


First, you have to go to their official page of the bulk keyword research tool


You have to select your topic or categories and select the location of your targeted audience.


This tool is the best local SEO tool for every small business and marketer to target their local audience and grow their business in that region


8.  Google 


Google is a very good tool to perform keyword research.


Now you might wonder how Google could be a keyword research tool.


Google autocomplete 


1. Whenever you search something on google and enter space after writing it, you will find there is some most search term on google.


Google auto complete

2. You can also find in between about "People also ask the question"

Google people also ask

So you can answer this question in your article to improve your traffic 


3. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find relates keywords for that search term


Google search related tool

These keywords will definitely help you in your SEO friendly article 


9.     Moz bar keyword explorer


Moz bar keyword explorer

Moz bar keyword explorer is an SEO tool that is paid but you can do free 10 searches a month.


You can do full keywords research for free with search volume and that keywords search difficulty and paid difficulty 


The keywords on the Moz bar tool are accurate and correct information about the current period.


Also, you can filter your search according to your need that is, choosing a keyword which has high traffic or lower or medium amount of traffic along with its SEO difficulty 


Other then keyword research you can also see -


• SEO audit 

• Backlinks research 

• SEO toolbar

• Competitor analysis


10. Adwords keyword generator 


Adwords keyword generator

Adwords keyword generator is a tool that helps to find long-tail keywords.


But before using this tool you have to do  some basic keywords research through other tools.


This tool works in some unique that is, you first, have to do some research for short-tail keywords and you have to put that keyword in the different columns.


And you will long-tail keywords for it. This helps you to find the best title for your blog that has your keyword


In short, it combines different keywords with every other keyword of another column.


11. Google trends 

Google Trends is a free tool to find out the current trend of any topic you search for.


As the name suggests it shows the trend of every topic you search and at the bottom, you will find related keywords.


Keywords which is suggested by google trend are the most searched term of all time


After searching any topic of google trend you will find 


1. Statistic chart where you can see the trend of the topic from beginning till now

You can also find the region and city where the topic is most searched.

 Google trends tool

2. Related keywords of that topic, that are most search in that region or city you have selected 

 Google trends tool

3. Related queries of the topic are located at the bottom.


12. Google correlate


Google correlate is similar to google trends but it is difference


Google trend help you find keyword according to its trend on a particular topic

But google correlates help you find current trending topics on a monthly or weekly basis.


And you also can make a comparison between the two topics easily


13. Keyword sheeter 


Keyword sheeter

A keyword sheeter is a free tool that provides unlimited keywords for you. 


It includes both long tail and short tail keyword. 


This tool is basically an auto-complete keyword on google and provides it for you collectively in one place.


After searching any topic, it will go on till unlimited with the keywords unless you click on stop sheeting 


14. Keyword tool dominator 


Keyword tool dominator | KTD

The keyword tool dominator is exactly similar to the keyword sheeter.


Keyword tool dominator is an auto-complete tool that provides not only google search keyword but also provides auto-complete of bing, Amazon,  Walmart, eBay,  etc.


.It provide real-time trend and search term of search engine 


That the special part of this tool 


If you are a user who uses all those other search engines then you find it very useful. 


15. Wordstream 


Wordstream free keyword research tool

Wordstream is a free keyword research tool to do proper research and can grow your business 


It is very easy to use.

You just have to search your topic or URL and can find related keywords and competition score of that keyword 


This makes your keyword research very easily  to perform 


16. QuestionDB

 QuestionDB free keywords tool

QuestionDB is a free easy to use tool which helps you to get more content and keywords ideas 


You just have to search for your topic and you find every real-time query of people.


Which will help you to write an article about and also get keywords


17. Soolve 


Soolve free keywords tool

Soolve is a free keyword research tool that contains data of 12 months.


You will get keyword competition, CPC, the competition of search terms.


Conclusion –


 You don’t need to worry about paid tools as you are getting all information from free tools.

But you have to spend time and effort to do it.

By using multiple combinations of tools you can easily perform good SEO in your niche