Do you want to write your first blog post like a professional blogger and don’t know how to start?

Then you are in a right place.

How to Write Your First Blog Post Like Pro (2020) 100% practical

Here you will learn how to write your first blog post ( A Step-By-Step Guide ) in 2020

This blog the post will more likely to be a friendly blog where you will get advice and tips to start your first blog post from your best friend.

If you stick till the end of this blog then you need not have to visit another blog post to start your first blog post

let me share my first blog post experience -

When I started my first blog, I have written only 250 – 300 words content in a competitive niche and hoping to get rank within an hour.

I know it sounds so funny but it was the fact

After spending some more than a year I come to know that how to write a perfect blog post that satisfies the reader and if you follow all of these steps which I mentioned below then I am very sure that you can write an awesome blog post

But the harsh truth is no one will read your first blog accept you not because you have done any mistake it is because you don’t know how to market that content to reach the targeted audience and get traffic to your blog


When people write their first blog post they think their content is awesome and every the reader will get satisfied from that content but the truth is your first content will be crap unless you follow all this step

Let’s started –

If you are in this blog post then you might already start your blog and stuck in writing your first blog post.

This blog the post is all about how to start your first blog post

In this blog post, you will learn –

·       Mistakes of the new blogger and how to fix it ( beginner )

·       How to collect and organize content to write your blog post

·       How to write a perfect blog post

·       How to reach your blog post to your targeted audience


In short, this gonna be a fully comprehensive guide to publish your first blog post and along with what all mistakes I did and I don’t want you to do that mistake.

That means it is like a win-win situation for your

Mistakes of the new blogger and how to fix it ( beginner )

·         Overthinking –

Many of the bloggers at the beginning face the problem of overthinking. Without writing even one blog post you tend to be a professional blogger in your mind.

Even when I started my first blog I think I will become an expert blogger within a month or a year.

But then I realized that is not possible, blogging is a continuous process.

Rather overthinking by yourself just practically execute it then can learn something new and improve yourself by time

·         Not identifying niche –

The niche might have listened to most of the blogger about identifying niche

But, Do you know why you should identify your niche?

The reason is simple, Rather being a jack of all be master in one.

There are plenty of benefits of having a niche -

  • ·         Master in one field
  • ·         You will build a targeted audience for that niche
  • ·         Expertise
  • ·         Build a brand
  • ·         Easy to identify Brand

·         And it will go on.

But these are the main reason why you should stick will one niche.

Example – If you write one blog post about a dog and another blog post is about lifestyle.

You can’t build a loyal and targeted set of audience for your blog posts because people who have visited your dog blog may not have an interest in reading you're lifestyle blog and you will end up getting no real targeted audience for any of your blog posts

·         Don’t know what to write –

As a beginner people don’t know what to write and how to write an engaging blog that provides value. People write what they think about that topic and don’t care whether people are searching for that topic or not.

You have to research before starting any blog then only you will get to know which topic od more relevant to your audience and what they are searching

·         Inconsistent –

Inconsistency chart of new blogger

Do you know there are 70 million+ blog post publishing on each day on WordPress.

Do you think anyone can become a blogger easily in that competitive field?

That’s where the consistency exists, everyone starts blogging full of energy but after sometimes they get tired by doing this continuously because blogging is not an overnight success it that time.

People will start a blog but after some time their excitement started falling and ultimately they drop blogging

·         Underestimate blogging –

When you start blogging you will think it is easy to start and run a blog by just taking a highly paid course of blogging.

Everyone thinks that by taking a blogging course they can run a successful blog.

I have taken 2 paid blogging courses of but when is started blogging then I realize the which I have learned in courses is just a basic.

No matter how many courses you have taken, you will only learn blogging by just starting an actual blog by yourself. It is full of practicality and no theoretical knowledge help you a lot


How to collect and organize content to write your blog post

·         Content research –

Before writing any of your blog posts do some content research.

I hope till now you have ready with your niche, but what to write that more engage with the reader and people are more searching for that topic.

Let’s suppose my niche is Dog and I won't write a blog post about dogs so how I will do content research d for my niche?

Here are the best ways I use to do content research

1.    Pinterest –

Pinterest content research

As shown in the above-mentioned images you can see when I type my niche there are tons of research is visible.

The top result is always the more popular or more search term by people so you can choose any one of that topic and start your blog

2.    Quora –

Quora content resrearch

Quora is a question and answer platform, where people publish their question, and when you type your niche you will you get enough amount of question that people have.

You can solve that question in your blog post

3.    Buzzsumo –

Buzzsumo content research

Buzzsumo is content ideas platform where you will get the most popular and most search content on your niche.

You just need to type your niche and you find content ideas for your blog

4.    Reddit –

Reddit content research

Reddit similar to buzz sumo where your will niche content ideas for your blog post

5.    Google –

Content research from google

Google is also a content research platform where you will tons of content on your niche

·         Keyword Research –

Keyword research is a very important process when it comes to blogging or getting organic traffic from Google.

Because when you write your blog post google bot will only identify your blog post topic based on your keyword.

Keyword research means adding keywords in which people are more searching in that niche.

There are few free keywords researching tools and chrome extensions to perform-

1. Google –

2. Keywords everywhere –

3. Answer the public

4. Keywords surfer

5. Ubersuggest ( limited access for free )

·         Word count –

I think now you have a clear idea of your content and keyword but How much words content do you have to write?

Search your topic on google and analysis the top 5 – 6 ranking blog.

You can use the “Wordcounter” tool

Just copy that ranking content and paste it on these tools then you can see the exact word count.

·         Detailed content –

You have read and analyzed the top 5 – 6 ranking blog posts. As you read 5 - 6 blog post you will get a good amount of knowledge about that topic unless it is a too technical niche

If read all that blog post you can find out what is missing in each of the blogs.

Example –

1st ranking blog covers point A and B

2nd ranking blog covers point A and C

Then you can write a comprehensive blog post on point A, B, and C

This makes your blog post will be more detailed and informative than another blog post. Hence your chance of getting rank will be increased


·         Bullet points-

I hope you have to learn how to do content and keywords research, Now it’s time to write the rough structure of your blog post.

Example –

Preparation before writing blog post

This is a rough structure of this blog post which I have prepared before started writing this blog post.

And also write the word count of each point in front of it so that you will have clear ideas that how much words count you have to write on each point



How to write a perfect blog post

·         Title and Meta description–

Do not start Your blog post unless you have a perfect title for it.

The title of your blog is very important because it decides whether people will visit your blog or not.

You should have a catchy title which will attract the people to click your blog post

Add your main targeted keywords in your blog title and meta description

Title and Meta Description

·         Introduction –

Whenever you start a blog your first paragraph should be an introductory paragraph where the reader will get an overview of what is inside the blog.

If you are already knowledgable in the topic then you can Share your experience and knowledge in a particular topic because it builds a trust amongst reader the read more

But, what if you are a beginner and Don’t have experience and much knowledge in that field?

Then you can start an introduction paragraph on that topic by doing some research. Or comprehensively explaining what will be in the blog post.

·         Body of your blog –

The body of the blog included all those main content of your topic which will make your content king. Blogging is all about writing content, If you have an interest in writing and spread your knowledge to the worlds then blogging is for you or if you want the start blog and don’t have an interest in writing but can build interest in the future then also you can start

Most of the people of that second category even when I started blogging I have zero interest in writing content but after doing this continuously I started having an interest in writing content

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You have to follow these 4 tips to write a perfect blog article -

1.    Valuable content –

Your blog should problem-solving or knowledge proving a blog where people will get some value.

Before writing a blog you should have clear ideas that why people should visit your blog?

Is there any special thing in your blog that most of the people don’t know or you have added a good amount of value in your content that readers will get satisfied

2.    Conversational tone –

Always write your blog post in a conversational tone like I, you, and we, because no one wants to read a rude and straight forward blog. This type of blog doesn’t feel more engaging unless the content is extremely awesome.

What if I had just share how to start your blog in a very straight forward ways

> It’s gonna be so boring

> Very short by words

> Not so engaging

But I have shared all the points along with my good or bad experience so that it makes it more relatable for you to trust in it.

3.    Proper formatting –

Blog tenmplates

You should use all the H1, H2, H3, H4 tag wisely because it makes your blog more clear and on point blog.

Avoid use H1 or H2 tags in all the places. In the beginning, I often use an H2 tag in the place of H3 just to make the blog look attractive but then I read a blog and get to know that it affects the SEO of the website.

4.    Perfect with grammar –

When you write a blog try to avoid grammatical and sentence formation errors. Grammatical error reduce your blog readability and hence people will leave your page when they find error again and again

Sometimes it is fine and but if this happens more often it is not good for your blog.

Even I am very horrible with my grammar so I use a Grammarly tool is free which will help you in reducing your error.

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·         Add images and videos -

Always use images for your blog because good images can say 1000 words more than your blog post.

So try to use informational images that summaries your content.

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That makes the reader understand that concept much easier than only text.

As videos are the most consumed content by most of the people you should add a video where ever require. You do not necessarily have to use your videos you can also use any Youtube videos. Even I consume more videos as compared to articles.

Videos are easy to consume and understand

·         Conclusion –

Always end your blog post with a conclusion because most of the people first read your conclusion and then read you're entire blog post.

The conclusion is a summary of your blog where covers 2000 words content in 50 words.

Keep your conclusion short and simply avoid adding to complicated things in conclusion.

Best format of writing a conclusion –

Ø  Add your own opinion

Ø  Ask a simple question like what you think about that XYZ?

Ø  Add call to action like to share your content


·         Read your content before publishing –

I hope you get a clear path to write your blog post. You have to spend some time reading your content after you complete writing.

I find most of my error when I finally read my blog. That 30 min will make a big impact on your blog.

Check everything before publishing your blog post.

·         Permalink –


Permalink is the web address of your blog post which will display on the screen when you visit.

Your permalink should include your main targeted keywords.

The keyword in your permalink should be of just 4-6 words.


How to reach your blog post to your targeted audience

·         Add your blog post on Google

Now let’s assume that you have successfully written your blog post but how will you add this to google search engine?

I have struggled with this a lot because I don’t know, how to add your page on Google but now you will get an easiest and simplest ways to add your page on Google

Add your website URL on Google search console

By just one click you can index your blog post on Google. It takes a few minutes or in some cases, it takes more time also like one hour or one day.

How to check whether your blog is indexed or not?

Just copy your blog URL and paste it in google like site: URL

·         Create social media handle on your blog name –

As soon as you started your blog the first thing you need to create is your blog brand. You have to create every social media handle on your blog name because it becomes easy for anyone to find you as a name is the same everywhere.

At the beginning stage, you should not depend on organic Google traffic, you have to share your content on different social media a platform where you want and try to bring traffic from there.

Social traffic also help you to improve your blog ranking in google

·         Pinterest –

Pinterest is my favorite platform the drive traffic to my blog

You just have to create an image or poster (pins) about your blog and share it on Pinterest. The best part of Pinterest is that organic reach is too high which will help you to grow your new blog.

·         Facebook groups –

Facebook is another way of driving traffic to your blog.

Join Facebook groups and share your content and provide a link to your blog

So whenever people like your content on Facebook they will click on your link and thus you will get traffic

·         Other link sharable platforms –

You can use any link-sharing platform to share your content and can drive traffic from there.

Don’t use any third party illegal websites to drive traffic. Avoid using illegal ways to drive traffic or else Google will ban your website in no time

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Starting a blog is very easy but staying consistent in it is the tough one. Most of the blogger fail because they stop learning and want to get success in a very short time

If you have any queries feel free to ask me in on Instagram