Tips To Become A Highly Productive CONTENT Writer For Your Blog Post

You like blogging but you feel bored writing content? 

Then this blog post will help you in making your content writing more interesting and make you a productive content writer.

If you see writing content seems to be boring at the beginner but after some time, it will become your habit of writing content.

Writing content for your blog post takes a lot of time and energy.

If you see your blog as a business then the time and effort which you are putting in are worth it.


If you are reading this blog then I don't think that you are doing the blog at a timepass.

Because any timepass blogger doesn't put much effort into becoming a productive content writer.


Writing content takes total mental energy rather than physical energy.

While writing content your mind also has to work fast to generate new things for writing for making it more creative. 


Every new blogger spends more than 6 - 8 hours to write a good length content for their blog and still face some issues with it.

That's why to get tired of writing content.


To avoid this you should gain some experience in it but in this blog post, I'm going to talk about all those methods and techniques which help me to write content as fast as possible.

So let's break down 


Why do you feel bored while writing content?


  • Time-consuming 
  • Constantly writing 
  • Mentally tired
  • What if the blog article doesn't work?


In this blog, we will try to fix it and make it more interesting to do, so that you can become a successful blogger by practicing these techniques.

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#1. Have a habit of writing – 

Have a habit of writing

Writing content is the main thing when it comes to blogging. 


The main activity of Blogger is to write content. 


As you know writing content feels very boring. So you have to practice it over and over to remove that business from it and make it interesting. 


The first thing you need to do is to set a place where you are comfortable with writing your content. 


Avoid writing content on the Bed or the place where you take rest 


Because this place gives the sign of taking a rest when you try to do something productive


You can't write any content for your blog post unless your mind is relaxed and fresh. Because blogging requires only mental activeness so that you can come up with new ideas and creative things to write in it. 


As you know, to acquire any habit do you need to practice it for 21 days


So you need to push yourself until 21 days and practice writing content regularly. 


I'm not telling you to write a 2000-3000 words blog post a day. You just need to create a practice of writing at least 500 words per day so that it will be habitual for you. So as you get comfortable with 500 Words try to push yourself and write more than that. 


After some time you are easily able to write one blog post a day. 


Usually, when I started I used to write one blog post in three days, which is too bad and then I get into practicing that writing content regularly. Now I can write one blog post per day easily.

2. Avoid distraction and meditate –

Avoid distraction and meditate

Avoid distractions while writing a blog post because writing a blog post requires internal peace and mental relaxation. If you are distracted from your mind, then you can't concentrate on writing a creative blog post.


The main distraction everyone faces is social media. Nowadays people spend most of their time on Instagram and YouTube 


In the end, if you see we just scroll on social media and waste our most of the time. We did nothing productive in that social media unless you drive traffic from it or to attract any audience from that. 


To reduce the time you spend on social media and try to use that time to perform a productive activity. 


A few months ago I used to do the same, but then I realized it was wrong. I need to improve that. 


I used to spend 5-6 hours a day on Instagram and 3-4 hours a day on YouTube. Which is a lot. 


So I started reducing it day by day. And now I just spend harshly one or two hours on my social media. 


So you have to practice regularly to maintain a balance.


So while writing a blog post turn off your internet on your mobile and keep it away from the desk 

And keep it so far away so that you can't see it. 


Before writing any blog post Keep your mind very calm and peaceful so that you can come up with new and creative ideas. The best way to practice this is to do meditation for about two to three minutes. 


By doing meditation, you will see a big impact on your content writing productivity. 


#3. Read a few blogs –


Read a few blogs

Read a few blogs before writing a Blog 


Reading a Blog is very important when it's come to writing a Blog because while reading any blog you come to know about which writing way or method is working and engaging with the audience. 


If you don't read any blogs that means you are not upgrading or expanding yourself in writing content.


Keep a habit of reading at least 10 minutes of any blog.


Do not limit Yourself by reading just limited blogger's content.

Because if you read a particular blogger's blogs only then your content writing way will sound like the way of that author which you are reading because the more you read or adopt a person, the more we become like that.

So if you read more author's blog posts, then you can create your essence and ways of writing content. If you continuously practice, you come to know your audience engagement content writing way. 

So keep the habit of reading content. 

Because when I used to read any blogs, I always learned something or the other. No matter which quality content is it, the content is more qualitative than when we learn more valuable things. So no matter what content you're writing. You always keep on learning you just read and start reading.

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#4. Do research –


Do research

As you know, researching any content or keyword is the key factor to run a successful blog. 


Most people skip these steps after writing some blogs. 


Most people research their few blogs and then they tend to skip this researching part or reduce it. 


It will impact your blog ultimately in the long run.


So you don't need to do that. You have to constantly practice research for your content or keywords so that you can improve your blog day by day. 


Here are a few points that I do while researching for my blog. 

  • Do content research. 
  • Put the content topic on ubersuggest. 
  • Get related or ranking keywords for that search term. 
  • Find the low difficult keyword. 
  • Also, find a long tail keyword for that content. 
  • Read 5 - 6 blog articles which are already ranking for that searched term
  •  Try to combine all that content with my knowledge. 


And try to improve that content and make it more valuable than others as much as possible. 

And that's it.

That's all you need to do and by practicing it continuously you will get to know more and more about it.

#5. Content calendar –

Content calendar

Creating a Content calendar is very important when it's come to blogging. 


Mostly at the initial stage when we start blogging because we don't have any idea and thus we suffer from a lack of content ideas.


So you should create a Content calendar where you will schedule all your content ideas and topics which you want to blog about. 


Because at the initial stage I often used to suffer from finding content ideas for my blog post. So I don't want you to do that. That's why I suggest you create a Content calendar in advance so that you will get an idea and you will not get confused and feel a lack of content ideas. 


This is the main problem of every blogger. 


Most of the people quit blogging because they don't find enough content for your blog post. 


So as you create a Content calendar you are already flooded with content ideas and topics you just need to write that topic and publish it.


#6. Schedule dates –

Tips To Become A Highly Productive CONTENT Writer For Your Blog Post - DmHari

As you get content ideas for your blog post, schedule it by a date on which you want to publish that blog post so that it will be in a systematic manner. 


And try not to be too pressurized so that you will not be able to finish that or follow that date. 


So keep it as easy as you can and try to achieve that date. 


So they do not have to worry about what content you should post on which day? 


It helped you to stay in an organized way. So then you will not get confused with your content ideas. 


In short, you have to be prepared with your content in advance.



#7. Create an outline –

Tips To Become A Highly Productive CONTENT Writer For Your Blog Post - DmHari

Do not start directly writing on your blog post. 


Start writing your content on a google doc or Microsoft Word. 


If an idea comes into your mind, you don't have to write directly. You have to create an outline of that blog post. Like what you want to write in heading or subheading or in content? 


Create a section of heading and subheading. 


And write a few points that you want to add in that subheading or heading so that when you start writing a blog you'll get an idea about what you need to write in that as you already pre-planned it. 


You don't have to start directly by writing without making an outline because it will not.


If you directly start writing your blog post directly without creating an outline. Then you might miss some points which you want to add earlier. 


So creating an outline helps to remind all the points and structure the content. So that you will be in a systematic manner and you won't miss any points.


#8. Avoid multitasking –

Tips To Become A Highly Productive CONTENT Writer For Your Blog Post - DmHari

Avoid multitasking while writing a blog post because if you do multitasking, then the chance of getting distracted from writing your content is high. So you can't concentrate on one thing. 


If you multitask, then the thing which should be done in 10 minutes will take up to 20 minutes to do that thing. 


You can multitask on anything you want but you can't do with writing your content because you will get easily distracted from it and end up getting confused between contents and you will deviate through other tracks of writing that content. 


So try to avoid multitasking as much as you can so that you can write a clear, valuable, easy, straightforward blog post, which will help you to engage with your audience.


#9. Pomodoro Technique –

Tips To Become A Highly Productive CONTENT Writer For Your Blog Post - DmHari

While writing a blog post, do not pressurize yourself because writing content requires a mental stress-free mind.


Keep it simple and easy to do tasks while writing your blog post. 


Use the Pomodoro Technique while writing a blog post 


The basic behind this technique is that you have to work for 25 minutes and Take 5 minutes break. 


This trick helped me a lot while writing my blog post. 


In the beginning, I used to get tired 10 to 15 minutes after writing a small paragraph. 


But then I command my mind to write just for 25 minutes and Take 5 minutes break. Sometimes that five minutes break turned into 15-20 minutes, but it's okay.  


But you don't have to do it constantly. You have to change yourself and type to avoid distractions like mobile and social media when you take that 5 minutes break.


After continuously practicing this Pomodoro Technique you will not even realize about that 25 minutes and it will automatically expand.


This technique is just to build self-discipline in you.


#10.                Use your phone –

Tips To Become A Highly Productive CONTENT Writer For Your Blog Post - DmHari

Most people like to write their blog posts only on their laptops or desktop, but they are missing something special called a smartphone. 


Because writing on a mobile phone is very easy and very fast as we are already comfortable with chatting with our friends and families. So it will be easier and fun for us. 


You can use the Google doc app where you can write your blog article on it. The best part about it is that using a smartphone you can write your blog anywhere and anytime like at your bed or at your work time.


In my case, I'm fast at typing on Mobile as compared to my desktop. 


I mostly write my blog post on my smartphone


Even this blog post I am writing on my smartphone.


#11.                Use transcription apps –

Tips To Become A Highly Productive CONTENT Writer For Your Blog Post - DmHari

Do you know that I write a 2000 word blog post in just 20 minutes? 


Can you believe that? 


Okay, I share this trick with you.


You can write your blog post faster like 10x faster than you write your blog post. 


I use a live transcribe app. 


It is very easy to handle where you just have to speak and it will transcribe your audio into text. 


I write most of the blog posts like this only where I just have to speak and it will automatically turn into text and I'll just copy-paste it and my blog post is ready as a draft. 


#12.                Write content on your favorite time

Tips To Become A Highly Productive CONTENT Writer For Your Blog Post - DmHari

Write your content at your favorite time. The time you stay motivated and feel fresh to write a post content with your creative mindset. 


You can't write your blog post when you are tired minded. 


Because writing content doesn't require any physical strength that requires just mental strength and stability. Which you will only find at a favorite time. 


#13.                Do not care about proper sentences

Tips To Become A Highly Productive CONTENT Writer For Your Blog Post - DmHari

While writing a blog post, don't try to correct it at the time. 


Because this is the mistake that is done by most of the bloggers even, I was also doing the same mistake, but it's too time-consuming. 


Write whatever you want and what all thoughts are coming to your mind without checking any spelling errors or any sentence.


#14.                Take time to correct it

Tips To Become A Highly Productive CONTENT Writer For Your Blog Post - DmHari

After writing a rough blog post 


Take your time to correct that blog post. Most of the time if you write this type of blog post where you don't know the spelling errors and sentence errors, it will take more time to be corrected. 



But to correct that blog post will take more than one hour because we have done so much of spelling mistakes and sentence errors so to correct that it will take time. But it is better than correcting it at the same time because it will take more than that double the time which it did.


#15.                Read your draft after a few hours of break 

Tips To Become A Highly Productive CONTENT Writer For Your Blog Post - DmHari

Most of the time after writing a blog post and correcting that. We tend to get tired of reading that blog post again. But if you see Reading a blog post is very beneficial. 


Why? Because after reading only we come to know about more errors in that blog post so that we can correct it. 


The best way to do it is to read a blog post after half an hour or an hour break. 


Because in that meantime our mind gets very fresh. 


And we can correct our blog posts with a fresh mind so that we can figure out our errors.


Conclusion - 

Being productive in blogging comes as you take your blogging as a career or business. 

If you practice being productive regularly then it will become your habit


Are you productive and if yes then on which things?