How To Choose A Profitable Niche

Niche means a topic on which you will write your blog post. Niche doesn’t have any limit you can choose any topic you.

Most people start their a blog without any intention but at the initial stage, every beginner gets confused about selecting a particular niche.

I have seen many videos on youtube and read many blogs about how to choose a profitable niche.

After spending a lot of the time I come to know about the importance of niche and how to choose the best ever niche.

If you follow these 6 steps I will definitely ensure you that you come up with the best profitable niche on which you have the passion and have dedication towards it.

 But, Why niche is Important? Niche is very important when it comes to any type of business. You can’t start a business without having a subject.

For example –

If you want to start a marketing agency then marketing is your niche.

If you want to start a tech youtube channel then technology is your niche

Let’s come to blogging –

You should have a niche without having a niche you can’t address your business or your blog types to others or even to your audience.

For example –

If you are getting 100 uniques users to your blog post which is about pets and suddenly you starting putting about men’s fashion then you can’t expect that total of 100 users to your blog post again.

Because they may not like your fashion-related content, thus you will end up getting no real the audience on a regular basis.

Sweet and Straight –

Choose a profitable niche and keep consistent with that to achieve some big in that field.

Here are the best 6 ways to choose a profitable niche ( less than 10 minutes )


1.     Passion or Willingness –

You might hear from everyone that follows the niche that your passion but what if you don’t have passion?

If passion was the only thing matters then I don’t think so that the competition of blogging become so much high.

Just having a passion for that niche is not enough that makes blogging a very slim industry.

You might hear this quote “ Hard work for a long time will overtake passion of short time “

It all about passion and your willingness to put effort into your niche to survive in the blogging industry.

If you don’t have passion then it’s ok but are you willing to put the effort into that niche.

If you continuously do it a consistent basis then you will automatically get passionate about that.

Easy ways to find passion –

·         Write down any 5 things you want to blog about, that you think you can do well

·         Spy on yourself- Observe yourself that which type of videos do you watch on youtube or which type of article you like to the reader

  Further, you will know that what you have to do with that 5 niches/topic you have chosen

2.      Research –


Research about every niche is very important because it’s like an ocean where you have to dive and before diving, you have checked the depth of the ocean.


Because, after selecting a niche it’s not good that continually changing a niche. It will be more time consuming as you have to start from the beginning whenever you start a new topic/niche.


So, it is better to have one fixed niche and get specialized in it but as a beginner, everyone changes their niches frequently which takes a lot of time, and their success id moving one step ahead whenever they do that.


But to avoid that you have to do everything pre-planned so that it will not affect you in the future a lot.

I am assuming now that you have chosen the 5 niche topics you want

And I want you to type your niche topic on Ubbersuggest ( keyword research tool ) which is free to search 5 times a day


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Ubersuggest keyword search


3.      Consistent survival –

Great, I think now you are much clear about your niche related quires.

But what if you still tie between 2 or more niches?

In that situation, you have to think about your future movement.

Let me explain it better –

Use a paper and pen and write down all the things you know about that niche, you don’t have to organize or presentable create it for a rough purpose just for yourself. It just takes about 2-3 minutes but after writing it down on paper you will know that on which niche you’re getting more familiar with and you can produce more content on that niche.

This pen and paper technique I use more often whenever I feel confused in some decision-making process.

As we writing it down manually without using any devices it makes a clear vision about it to think better and perform better.

In short, you have to be futuristic and goal-oriented towards what you are doing.

Before choosing any niche ask you self this question –

Will you able to create content on it niche consistently?

4.      Profit –

The niche which you are going to choose should be a profitable 

Profit means not only from ads but also you can sell any affiliate product or services from your blog which has a google amount of search volume and have low competition

5.      Do it at least for 6 months –

After starting your blog and you still have confusion about that niche then try that niche at least for 6 months. You don’t have to expect anything from it instead, you have a test that niche for yourself whether it is working for you or not

Or if you find that is not your cup of tea then you can change it.

6.      Follow your cycle –

Follow these steps to identify your blog niche and do this unless you find it

Most of the bloggers do the same to identify their blog niche.

Conclusion –

How to choose a profitable niche is just an initial step of yours toward your blogging career.

Niche matters only at the beginning stage but at the end of the day, your content creation and your hard work and dedication matter the most.

Finding a profitable niche seems a very difficult thing at the beginning but when you start with something then you will automatically come up with new ideas and content

So just start it.