Do you always face the problem of a lack of content ideas for your blog post? 

Then this a blog post might be very much helpful for you to find out thousands of content on every topic you want

How to get 1000 content ideas for your blog post in just 10 minutes ( actually works )

In this blog post, you will learn. How to get content ideas for your blog post in just 10 minutes

The 11 platforms mentioned in this blog post which you can use to find your content ideas.

The best part is that you will get all those content ideas, which is highly consumed by people

So that you will get a good amount of organic search results for your blog post.

Before directly getting into that let us discuss why this problem offense happens?

Whenever we start writing blogs, we always feel a lack of content ideas for our next blog post

Why is it so?

Because you might don't know the proper formating of writing a blog post or lack of good content ideas. Before writing a blog post, we should prepare A CONTENT calendar for our future blog posts.

So that we will stay in a systematic manner.

You will get a proper strategy to do content research and to find unique content ideas for your blog post.


Continue with these11 platforms to get content ideas for your blog post. Then You will never feel a lack of content ideas for your blog post.

In the earlier stage, I used to write a blog about anything, anything that I know but then I realized that no one is reading my blog because I'm not writing those content that people are looking for.


After spending a lot of time on how to do content research and keyword research and all I come to know about these tips and strategy which I will share with you.

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1.     Pinterest – 

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to do content research for your blog post. 

In Pinterest, you will find every Unique Piece of content for every topic you search. 

Pinterest is the image-sharing platform where people used to share their blog post content in the form of images so that they can drive traffic to the website. 

Pinterest is like another search engine after Google because where you will get a Unique Piece of content ideas for every topic you want.

The Pinterest box is in a search engine where people get results for every topic in the form of pictures or videos. 

If you search anything on Google you will get results in the form of text but, in Pinterest, you will get in form of images so that it is more engaging to the audience. 

Pinterest content research

2.     Magzter –

Magzter content research

Magzter is the website where you will get magazines and newspapers for every topic you search for. Magzter is one of the best websites for magazines and newspapers. 

But the question arises, how to do content research from this site? 

As you all know that magazines and newspaper's headlines are very catchy to read that people used to get attracted to their headlines and start reading the rest of the articles

So you can take inspiration from those headlines. 

Make your blog post looks more attractive and engaging. 

You can take inspiration from the content of the Magzter and write about it in your blog post.

3.     Reddit –

Reddit is also a content-sharing platform where people share their blog post content and ideas on it. 

The best part about Reddit is that you will get only those content ideas that are highly consumed by peoples and which are more searched and shared on the web. So you will get a fully filtered blog post ideas that people have more searching for and getting more engagement on the web. So, you don't have to do much research on the topic as people are already consumed that type of content.

For ordinary people, Reddit is like a personalized newspaper on the web that people can consume information related to their topics.


But for the content writers or blogger, Reddit is one of the best platforms where you will get the best unique content ideas for your blog post. 

Here I will show you how to use properly so that you will not get stuck in between 

Here, are the best practices you can do on to get tons of content ideas for their niche.

4.     Udemy –

Udemy is an online course platform where you can access thousands of courses. 

But I'm not here to told you to take a course and study. Instead, you can just go through the titles of the topics to get an idea about the content. 


5.     Quora – 

Quora is a question and answer a platform where people ask their doubts or queries.

You will find queries or doubts about that topic and solve that in your blog post.

It is one of the best tools that I use to do content research because now a day people are using quora a lot, so you will latest asked question and if you include or write a blog article about that people more frequently ask then you will have a high chance of getting organic traffic 

I highly recommend this platform to you all, to generate a good amount of content ideas because it'll is like you are writing an article on which people are looking for.

Tips - It is not only for generating content ideas but also for generating a massive amount of traffic to your blog 

By just answers the relevant queries and inserts your blog article link to it so that it will reach out to people you ever search for those queries.

Quora content research

6.     Google –

If you ask ordinary people that what is Google? 

They will say it is just a search engine where you will get answers for your queries 


We are the content creator so, we have seen it from a different perspective, as content and keyword ideas generator 

3 ways to do content research from Google 

  • Auto-suggest
  • People also ask 
  • Bottom queries 

 Google auto-suggest

Google people also ask

Bottom search related topics

7.     Youtube –

As you all know Youtube has a video content platform but you can use these platforms also for content research.

Youtube is flooded with millions of videos on for every topic you search.

How to do content research from youtube? 

  • Youtube auto-suggest
  • Results
Youtube auto-suggest

Youtube Results


8.     Buzzsumo –

Buzzsumo is also a content research platform where you will find the most shared or liked content by people so that you will get good ideas to write a blog post

Bloggers or content creators used the Buzszumo to analyze their competitor's highest performing blog posts and it's social shares and their overall performance. 

Although it's a paid tool, If you want to go for it, then it's totally up to you


9.     Question Hub – 

Question hub

Question hubs is a Google's tool.

Google hubs deal with the unsolved queries of people.

If you search anything on that web, you will find questions related to the topic which people ask frequently.

Question Hub is also an amazing tool. You can solve those queries in your blog post and can insert your blog link into it to get traffic from it.

Add question on question hub

Add question on question hub

Add question on question hub

Question on question hub

10.                       Competitor analysis –

You can also analyze your competitor's blog posts. 

You just have visited their official home page and go through with their every blog post and write a better or best article than that, so that you will have a high chance of getting ranked 

But, short note here - A better article is not just enough to perform better on the search engine you also need to have a backlink, social shares, better themes, ways of writing, etc. There are a lot more factor that affects SEO 

you can use Ubersuggest to analyze your competitor's blog.

Competitor's analyze on ubersuggest

Competitor's analyze on ubersuggest

11.                       Answer the public -


Answer the public is that tool which gives all the suggestions of content and keywords which people are more search for in search engine 

Blogging content ideas

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Opinion - 

You have enough amount of chooses or platforms to do content research and but these platforms is my personal choice

If you see there are two perspectives of using any kind of platform. 

First, is that audience perspective -

where you just use that platform? Do some sort of works or some sort of Tampa. 

Second, is the perspective of the content creator. 

You can find content ideas for your blog post from any platform that you use.

You just have to conscious about everything.


How to get 1000 content ideas for your blog post in just 10 minutes ( actually works )

How to get 1000 content ideas for your blog post in just 10 minutes ( actually works )