12 Steps To Become A Successful Blogger For 2021

Are you in self-doubt whether you will become a successful blogger or not?

Well, that thought comes into every blogger's mind unless they earn something from blogging.

Do you know that you can start a blog in no time and become a blogger?

But there is a difference between a successful blogger and a blogger

Becoming a successful blogger takes time and effort.

You will become a successful blogger if you follow these tips. 

I learned these tips after getting too many disappointments from my blog because you didn't want to know anything unless you face that problem.

In blogging just have to put your effort and time into it and then you can get results, it sounds very easy but actually, it is too hard to be consistent and patient and put effort without getting any results. That's where people fail and they stop blogging.

Do you know why this happens?

Because they don't see blogging as a business they just see it as a thing where they don't want to put much effort but they want results immediately.

The best way to find out whether you look at your blog as a business or a timepass --


Ask yourself these 2 questions -:


  • Do you want to increase sales?
  • Or Do you want to gain more traffic to your blog?

This makes everything clear.

1.     Focus on one single niche – 

Niche means a topic on which you will start your blog or website. Focusing on one single niche is very important when you are starting a blog.

You can choose the best profitable niche for your blog in just 10 minutes

Can you start your blog without a niche?

The answer is YES, but you cannot be a successful blogger because niche helps to get specialization in one particular field 

You can start your blog in multiple niches but you are not able to build a loyal and targeted audience your blog posts

For example- 

If you have started your blog on one niche like pets, then you can’t put content related to smartphones.

This will slow down your growth in blogging and you can't become successful blogging ever because people who are interested in pet blogs may not have an interest in smartphones.

So think deeply before getting into any niche and ask yourself these questions to get clarity 

But if you are still confused about your niche then give a try for the niche in which you are interested. Write at least 10 - 20 blog posts on that niche and Observe whether it is suitable for you or not. 

You can be a successful blogger by just thinking about it, you have to try different things and have to choose for yourself.


2.     Read more than writing – 

When anyone starts their blog they think that they know how to write a blog post. After reaching a point where you know how to write a blog post then you will realize that what you have written in the first blog post is a piece of crape

But the good thing in it is that you have improved yourself from the past, which itself is a sign of a successful blogger.

You have to read too many blogs on your niche to practice the way of writing content on that niche. 

Why is this compulsory to read your niche blog?

Every blogging niche has its ways of writing content that engage with peoples.

Example - 

You can’t use a conversational tone in your news blog 

You can’t be so much strict in an educational blog

That’s why reading your niche blog will help you to adopt that blog writing skills and ways, so that you can engage with the audience well.

Most of the people stuck in writing their first blog post and don’t know how to write SEO friendly articles that ranked faster in Google.

To be a good content writer takes time and a bit of experience but you can learn it just by staying consistent in your blog

Make a routine of reading at least one blog post a day to see massive growth in your blog writing skills.

3.     Make it very simple – 

The best way to make your blog look more professional is to keep your blog very simple and easy to read. 

You see many of the big bloggers like Neil Patel, Backlinko, Ahref, Shoutmeloud. These blogs are very simple and easy to read blogs.

Blog themes and templates play a major role in blogging.

Remove unwanted things from your blog. 

Don't make it too uncomfortable for the readers. 

Your blog content should be more relevant and very easy to read so that people can easily read and understand it. And hence you get more engagement and get more shares. 

You have to write a blog post for your readers and not for Google. 

You always have to think from the reader's perspective so that they can engage with your blog post.

Do not stuff your blog post with too many ads, keep it simple and easy to handle.

Write your blog post in a conversational tone as much as possible. And add as many images and videos as you can so that it makes it easier to understand the concept which you are trying to explain to the people. 

If your topic is about something which requires a conclusion at the end of the blog post, then don't avoid it. Because most people read the conclusion first and then read the whole article. 

Give a proper introduction to your blog post so that people can. Get an idea about what will be inside your blog post and hence. They can read the full blog post. 

Do not write a big paragraph. Write only two to three-line paragraph So that people can read easily and can read more and more.

4.     Internal linking – 

 Internal linking is a process where you link your one blog article to your other blog article. 

Internal linking is very essential when it's come to blogging. 

Internal linking helps you to increase your blog traffic as well as page sessions. 

You don't have to add any link to your blog post for the sake of adding links. You have to be more relevant. 

For example 

If your blog post is about smartphones, then you can't add internal linking related to backpacks 

The best way to do internal linking is that if you are reviewing a smartphone then you can add a related blog post link, like Smartphone cases which makes sense

So if people are in a search of smartphones, then they may also be in search of smartphone cases. So the chance of getting traffic from your link is too high rather than adding an irrelevant link. So better add a relevant link and get more traffic and Page sessions.

Types of internal links -

  • Anchor text 
  • Direct link
  • Images links

Anchor text means adding links to a particular text. 

The direct link means Putting URL directly of that website or blog article. 

Image linking means adding links to any images.

5.     Do not focus on quality – 

At the initial stage when you're starting with your blog post no one reads your blog post rather than yourself 

Because at the beginning you have a lack of marketing tactics and poor quality of writing content unless you are already an expert blogger.

After some time you realize that truth.

You have to be consistent towards your blog because Google only sees your consistent towards your blog but quality also requires.

You can automatically write a qualitative blog post after practicing quantitative blog articles.

Quantity overtime changes into Quality.

Consistency in your blog post doesn't mean you have to write one blog post a day. It means you have to be consistent with the time interval of your blog post, i.e maybe one blog post a day, or a week, or a month, etc. 

But if you are a beginner then try to write at least 2 - 3 blog posts a week and learn to market your blog post through social media and other link sharing relevant platforms. At the initial stage, you will not get traffic directly from organic search.

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6.     More focus on marketing – 

The best and very important practice you have to do after publishing your blog post is to share it on social media.

Social media is the only tool from where you will get traffic for your blog at the initial stage because it takes time to get ranked or featured in Google search results. 

There are plenty of social media from where you can generate massive traffic to your blog post. 

You have to spend at least 2 - 3 hours on the promotion of your blog post after publishing it.

Here are the best 4 platforms from where you can get traffic to your blog – 

  • Pinterest 
  • Facebook groups
  • Quora
  • Twitter

-       -  Pinterest is one of the best platforms for new blogger because the organic reach in it is so high as compared to other social media platforms. Pinterest is an image sharing platform where you have to create an image of your blog post and share it on Pinterest.

-        - Facebook group is also the best platform to generate massive traffic to your blog. You just have to join a relevant group on Facebook and have to share your blog content on it 

-        - Quora is a question and answer platform, where people ask their doubts and queries. You just have to search for some questions related to your blog post and have to answer it and in the end, you have to link your blog post. If readers like your answer then they tend to visit your blog 

-        - Twitter is also the same as Facebook where you just have to share your blog post.

7.     Easy to share – 

Easy to share in the sense your blog article should be easy to shareable by any readers. 

Because as you know, the more you get more shares the more number of visitors you will get to your blog post. 

The best tool I highly recommend everyone to use is that addthis.com

No one wants to put effort into sharing the link or images of your body post. 

This tool will help you to make it easy so that people can easily save or share your blog post 

This tool is easy to handle and also useful when it's come to sharing content. 

You can also track your shareable performance on that tool’s dashboard. 

Sharing is also the best way of increasing your traffic for your blog post the more the number of shares you get the more traffic will boost up. 

Google just wants relevant traffic to your blog post and you also can improve your blog article ranking.

8.     Guest posting –

What is the guest posting? 

Guest posting means writing an article for another blogger for their blog post and getting free backlinks and traffic from that. 

Guest posts are very essential and important when it comes to blogging because you will get free backlinks and traffic to that blog. 

But finding a guest post is very difficult because many guest posting sites will charge you a huge amount for getting a guest post.

But in a rare case, you will find a guest post opportunity for free. 

Here you will find a free guest posting opportunity for your blog post with backlinks and traffic. 

9.     Give extra time a the beginning –

You can’t just work for two or three hours for your blog post and expect to get high returns in a very earlier stage. 

At the initial stage, you have to work hard and you have to do extra work because you have to learn more things

You have to put as much content as you can and try to learn new things as soon as possible so that you can improve yourself faster. 

One of the basic things that you have been heard from many other influencers that be consistent

Being consistent is the only thing you do to succeed in any field. 

But in the case of blogging, you have to work so hard and have to be consistent and also be patient. 

At the beginning stage, you have put more and more effort without expecting anything much from your blog.

Because many of the bloggers at the beginning stage, they expect more from their blog and end up getting disappointed and stop blogging.


10.                       Just focus on traffic –

The biggest mistake that every new blogger makes is that they don't focus on traffic. 

And they are in search of how to grow a blog. 

But the actual question they should ask is how to increase your blog traffic as soon as possible? 

It's all the game of traffic and how much audience you can attract from your blog post.

Because the audience is the key to running a successful blog

11.                       Focus on one social media – 

As it already said you will not get any organic traffic from Google at the beginning stage so that you have to use social media as a tool to drive traffic to your website or blog. 

If you see there are plenty of social media available that can drive massive traffic for your blog. 

But you can’t be active on every social media which is humanly not possible. 

So at the beginning stage, you have to try many social media platforms and figure out which social media is suitable for your blog niche. 

Every social media act according to different for different blog niches 

Some blogs are suitable for Pinterest and some on Twitter and some on Facebook Etc. 

So you have to try different social media and fix anyone for you and stay active in that and improve in that and drive more traffic.

12.                       Solve problems – 

The main motive for writing a Blog is to solve people's problems. 

So the main aim of yours should be to solve people's problems. So that they also get any value from your content

But how do you find what people are asking for? 

You can use tools like AnswerThePublic which is free to use

Here you can type your Niche and you can find A to Z asked questions on that Niche by people.

So in your blog post, you can cover all those topics, which you feel are important. And add some keywords in it and thus you can make good content out of it and can drive massive traffic from that.


Conclusion –

At the end of the day, any blogging tips will not work unless you try it on your own. 

Because blogging is not about just learning. It's all about learning + practicing what you are learning. 

If you stay consistent and have patience you can be a successful blogger. 

That's where most people face problems. 

If you like this content, let me know in the comment and share it with others.