promote your blog post  on social media

 Do recently started your blog post and stuck in and not getting enough traffic that you have expected for your blog post?

Here you will know how to effectively promote your blog post on social media.

Social media will be the best tool for you to get initial traffic for your blog post. 

If you are a beginner and decided to generate traffic for your blog from your social media, then you are on your right path. 

Because at the initial stages you will not get traffic from the organic search results so that you have to stay consistent on social media platforms to get traffic. So here we will learn about how you can effectively promote your blog post on social media. 

If you simply just copy and paste the link on your social media handles then you can't generate traffic from this because no one is interested in clicking the link and reading out the blog post. 

For that, you need to do some hard work. And give yourself time to build an audience over there. 

So I'm not here to give you the misconception that you'll be able to generate hundreds and thousands of traffic from your starting days. 

You will generate hundreds and thousands of traffic after spending a couple of months, or maybe a year or even longer. 

But you can if you stay consistent in social media. 

For me, I follow Neil Patel's blogs and YouTube videos. 

So he is my blogging Mentor. So I follow him and according to him. 

He follows 50/50 rules. 

50% You have to spend time writing your blog post and another 50% you have to spend it to promote that blog post. 

Because you may be a good content writer, but unless people won't read it and you can't call yourself a good content writer. 

So generating traffic to your blog is equally important as writing a blog.

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  1. Share Other Content You Feel Valuable

promote your blog post  on social media

Firstly you have to share all these contents in which you feel valued by your audience and the initial stage of your social media. Because if you directly share your blog's links, then people will not read it because people don't know about your brand. 

So at the initial stages Share other people's content and a Your Niche related bloggers' content in your social media handles, which is more valuable for your Niche or your audience. 

So that people can imagine your brand as a valuable content creator

So that if you share any of your content in between, people will read it because they know you as a brand that you have created already by sharing valuable content for them.

  1. Try To Be Active

promote your blog post  on social media

As I already mentioned that you will not get enough traffic for your blog post from social media accounts at the initial stage for that you have to be active enough in your social media accounts. 

Active in the sense you don't Have to spend just 5 to 10 minutes a day in that social media account just to promote your blog post. 

No one will read it or consume it. People expect and want valuable content rather than just content. So make your content valuable and You have to be consistent with your content on your social media.

And also have to provide an enormous value to your audience so that your existence will continue in that social media.


  1. Interact With People Rather Than Just Promoting A BLOG POST

promote your blog post  on social media

When you were on some social media, then you should know how to interact with the audience and solve their queries and engage with them in a proper way rather than just posting and linking out your blog post regularly because if you interact with Outsiders and audience, then it will build your loyalty and Trust towards you from them. 

If you solve any of their queries and after when they see any of your links, then it will force them to check out the link because you have already helped them so they want to know more about your brand.

And feel that your blog post might be important to them. 

But if you continue to share links to your blog post, no one will read it because they don't know. What are you writing for? And what is your capability? 

So keep this in mind whenever you start with any social media platforms 

First, your main motive should not be to just promote your product, your main motive is to be engaged with the audience over there. 

You have to build your brand over there because a personal brand will ultimately lead to generating traffic and leads for your business.

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  1. Use Particular Social Media Tactics 

promote your blog post  on social media

If you see every social media has its tactics and way of engaging with people's every social media platform has a different way of engaging with the audience. 

Every Social media is different. Some might have organic High Reach and some might have less organic reason someone might have Zero organic reach 

Whenever you start on anything, you should be properly aware of it before starting it. 

You can't be just a LinkedIn king or Pinterest King in just spending a couple of months on it. 

You have to constantly learn about that platform, and try to build your brand over there. 

So that people can trust you and rely on you 

You can't use Instagram engaging tactics to LinkedIn because although those are social media platforms, they have some differences. 

So you have to learn that and apply it slowly and steadily to grow in it.

  1. Use Hashtags

promote your blog post  on social media

If you see most of the social media platforms run in the basics of hashtags. You have to take advantage of it and have to use hashtags on every post you publish on social media but here is one condition, you can use hashtags only on some particularly social media platforms, not on all.

You can use hashtags on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, these are the most popular social media where people use to promote their blog post and gain traffic through it. 

While using the hashtag you have to follow certain guidelines of the platforms so that you will not get into any spammy thing like you can use hashtags up to 30 on Instagram and 2-3 on LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

You have used very relevant and helpful hashtags so that your post will get more impressions and thus you can get clicks from it 

  1. Interact With Creators And Audience 

promote your blog post  on social media

You won’t get much from any social media if you just post anything on it. If you spend some time on it for interacting with the audience and creator on it then it will give a positive sign for the social media algorithm and thus your scope of growth will far more increase in it.

Now if you see I have mentioned engaging with the audience as well as with the creators if you know most of the people mentioned about audience engagement but engaging with the creator also plays an equal role when it comes to growing in any platform. 

By interacting and engaging with the audience you will gain their trust and by engaging with the creator will gain their* follower's trust, 

I'll explain to you how?

  • You can collab with creators in the same niche

  • You can ask to share each others content

  • You can go live together to solve people queries 

And many more.

The best technique I used to engage with the audience is….

I use to send a small kind note to them like this

Instagram Marketing

This helps them to get free to you and can ask you anything about your niche, which ultimately make a friendly relation between you and your audience 

  1. Be Regular With Your Content 

promote your blog post  on social media

You might have heard this many times that consistency is the key to success, which is true. 

You can’t be the best social media content creator by just putting out content for a couple of months, no matter how good your content quality is? Still, it takes time to reach out that content to a huge audience, for that you have to be consistent.

This also gives a positive sign to that platform and thus leads to an increase in your content reach.

You don't have to post just your blog post URL instead you also have to provide some value for them so they can trust you and can consume your content regularly, by doing this regularly consistently you can see a huge difference in it.

  1. Give Time To Build An Audience 

promote your blog post  on social media

It's all about consistency. You can't grow your audience in a very short time, the more you spend time on it the more you'll get results out of it. 

Most of the people wait and waste their time in searching for highly valuable content. 

You don't have to do this, you just have to be consistent with your content. Consistency after a while changes into valuable content automatically.

Let me explain with an example 

If Roy is putting out highly valuable content twice a week and Raj is putting out normal levels of content 7 times a week.

Who will have more engagement with the audience?

Of course, Raj because he spends more time in it and putting out more content.

Quantity over time leads to Quality 

  1. Ask To Share Or Save It

promote your blog post  on social media

Whenever you to publish any content on social media ask people to share it or save it 

As you know no one will share or save your content on your instruction, they will do it only when they find it useful for them but asking people to share or save will remind them.

If anyone finds your content valuable and if he sees your instruction, then he might think of it. That's the basic concept of doing that.

By doing this regularly, 10 out of 1 will do it.

  1.  Follow Niche Big Bulls

promote your blog post  on social media

You have to follow your niche related personality from your social media handles. Because it helps that platform to identify your niche and whom you are following help you get targeted followers and people in your social media account.

By following the great personality of your niche, leads to more learning and increasing your knowledge, and also you will be suggested to others in your niche to follow if you stay consistent in it. 

Whenever you follow someone then their followers may tend to follow you.

It is kind of an endless chain where you can build or grow in it.