Did you start a Blog and want free traffic from Pinterest? 

The straight answer is “ you need a best Pinterest strategy” ( 2021)

This blog post will help you in getting free traffic for your website using a Pinterest marketing strategy. 

9 Best Working Pinterest Strategy In 2021

If you are landed up in this blog post, then you might know about Pinterest. But for those who don't know about Pinterest. 

That Pinterest is an image sharing platform where you have to share your images and have to insert your link and can redirect it to your blog post. 

The most faced challenges of every Pinterest user is that they don't get enough traffic from Pinterest.

When I started my new Pinterest account, I also faced the same problem. I used to regularly pin 5 to 10 pins a day, but still, I didn't get any traffic from it, and then I learned a lot.

 And I figure out the best Pinterest strategies that actually work. 

So if you're not getting enough traffic to your blog that means you have a lack of Pinterest strategy, which I will be sharing in this blog post.

I'm ensuring that you'll get a clear idea about Pinterest strategy and how it works and how you should implement this strategy so that you can get the maximum result as soon as possible

Before implementing that strategy you should know about Pinterest community guideline because you might get banned or your account gets suspended from Pinterest if you do anything that is against the Pinterest guideline 

My previous account also got suspended due to these types of activity and I don’t want you to do the same.

According to Statista, the Pinterest user in India was about 6.51 million in 2017 but till 2020 it went up to 20.8 Million, and the projected users till 2026 is about 37.32 Million

Pinterest user in India

Why you should try Pinterest

Before getting into Pinterest strategy, let's know why you should try only Pinterest. 

The simple answer is that this is the only platform where you don't need any networking or any followers or any audience base to get traffic to your blog. 

Pinterest helps you to get initial traffic for your blog post without an audience on that platform. 

You can drive a hundred and thousands of traffic. 

Even with five to ten followers because Pinterest does not work on the base of followers. 

The best part is that you can get more traffic from day one if you know the exact Pinterest Strategy, which I will be sharing with you in this blog post. 

Most people treat Pinterest as social media, but actually, Pinterest is the next most used search engine after Google. 

Rank on Pinterest is much easier than Google. 

So in this blog post, you will get all tips and strategies that help you to rank on Pinterest. 

When I started my Pinterest account, I used to get enough traffic from my initial days of the blog Pinterest without any audience background.

 Afterward, Pinterest has changed a lot and now it requires an exact Pinterest strategy to grow on Pinterest. 

The biggest mistake most beginners make on Pinterest is that they don't have an exact strategy on Pinterest and they start putting any random pins on Pinterest without doing proper research and proper SEO. 

The growth in Pinterest may differ from person to person, for me when I started my first account which got banned, I have about a hundred to 200 pins and I am easily able to generate 100k monthly unique visitors, 

But my new account, which I am currently running has fewer Impressions and fewer Unique visitors as compared to the previous account, although I have pinned more than enough pins in that account. 

So you don't have to compare your growth with other accounts because interest Works differently for every niche and every Topics

Let's begin with the best Pinterest strategy of 2021.

1. Seo friendly profile 

Making an SEO-friendly profile will help you to get a more targeted audience for your Niche and your pins. 

Pinterest SEO is very simple and easy to do, you don't need to learn a lot. 

You can learn it now. It just takes a couple of minutes to learn Pinterest SEO. 

To make your Pinterest profile SEO-friendly you just have to Insert a keyword related to your Niche or your targeted keyword in your display name. 

Like in my case, I have mentioned blogging, digital marketing. 

So whenever people come in search of blogging and digital marketing, my profile will show up at the top of Pinterest. So that people can find me easily. 

2. Clear Niche 

Before you start pinning on Pinterest. You should be clear about your topic or your niche. 

Because if you randomly pin on Pinterest then Pinterest will not be able to identify your Niche and topic so that it will not be recommended for other users. 

So if your Niche is related to Pets then you should only pin that type of content on your account. 

For example, if you Pinning random pins on your Pinterest account then it will be much more difficult for Pinterest to identify your Niche, and hence your Pinterest account will not grow

So the best advice and tip for you is that whenever you start pinning on Pinterest only relevant things that are related to your topic and avoid pinning any random pins.

3. Create catchy pins

People will only visit your site if they find your pin attractive. 

I will give you my one year experience of Creating rich pins

The fact is only an attractive pin will not work unless your content is good enough to satisfy the audience. 

So content + good quality pins will work as the best combination for your blog growth. 

Here are a few examples of my pins. 

9 Best Working Pinterest Strategy In 2021 - Pinterest Marketing

9 Best Working Pinterest Strategy In 2021 - Pinterest Marketing

How to create eye-catchy pins 

The first thing you need to know about Pinterest is that it is an image sharing platform. So you should use eye-catchy images relevant to your pin or content. 

So here are the top five sides from where you will get high-resolution images for totally free and you can use it to make your pin more attractive.

  • Unsplash 

  • Pixels 

  • Pixabay 

  • Free images 

  • Flickr

These are the top five sides. I'm mostly used to getting high-resolution images for free and using them on Pinterest

To create good quality pins you can use CANVA which is a free tool and It already has many free pin templates which you can use.

4. Pinterest SEO 

Now I'm assuming that you have created the best eye-catchy pins for your blog post by following the above-mentioned tips and techniques. So let's get into the part of publishing pins. 

While publishing a pin, you should be careful about the pin SEO. 

You should add a targeted keyword in your title of that pin as well as in the description. 

Now the question is how to get keywords for Pinterest. 

To find the top-ranking keywords on Pinterest. You can try the SEOstackkeyword pool, which is a free tool.

In this tool, you can specifically target a particular platform like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Pinterest, Etc. 

So I use this tool to get keywords for my pins. 

Now after adding your targeted keyword in your title and description 

The Next Step that comes is that using proper hashtags, as you know, most of the platforms run on the basis of hashtags. 

Similarly, Pinterest also helps to increase your engagement and reach through hashtags. 

So make sure you use at least five to six relevant hashtags on every pin.

5. Schedule Pins 

Now Frankly Speaking. I don't use Tailwind to schedule my pins. I scheduled it manually. 

So most of the newbies can't afford to buy a Tailwind tool to pin their pins. So you can easily pin your pins through Pinterest by manually scheduling. 

You have to create at least five to six pins for every single blog post so that you can publish multiple pins for the same blog

But make sure your pins must be different from each other because as Pinterest is an image sharing platform so it will identify your content only based on the image not based on the URL.

 So make sure your image must be quite different from each other. 

6. Avoid spammy things

Nowadays Pinterest guidelines have become so strict against the spammy things 

So you should avoid doing any spammy things on Pinterest or else you will immediately get an Email of account suspension from Pinterest 

When I was new to Pinterest my account also got banned because I did some spammy things which I was not aware of so I don't want you to repeat the same mistake, which I did. 

So here are the top 3 spammy things that most people should avoid -

  • Avoid repeating the same pins again and again to the same board. 

  • And also avoid pinning the same things on different boards in a short period. You should have at least one or two days of gap between the pins you have pinned on the same boat. 

  • And the third thing is that mass following and unfollowing 

As you know, most social media is against the rule of following and unfollowing so you should avoid it on Pinterest because Pinterest is not a platform where followers play a major role. 

7. Analysis 

The best benefit of a Pinterest business account is that you can easily analyze your Pinterest growth and your account analytics for free. 

By using the analytics and your best performing pin, you can actually improve yourself

8. Add the share button

This strategy is not related to Pinterest but still, it is ultimately beneficial for your blog post. 

You should add a share button on your blog post. 

Most beginners avoid this thing. 

That's why they miss the biggest opportunity of getting more shares and getting their content viral. 

So I use addthis.com, which is a free tool where you can set up a free sharing option for your blog post.

9. Stay consistent

If you're not getting enough traffic for your blog post from your Pinterest account, then you should not worry about it because it happens with most people, 

You should stay consistent and patient regarding your pins and your growth because it will take some time. 

You should keep learning and get inspiration from your niche related Pinterest users and learn from them and learn from their pins

Conclusion - 

If you want to get initial traffic for your blog post, then you should not solely depend on one single platform. You should try out multi different platforms so that you will be able to figure out which platform is working best for you. 

But the special thing about Pinterest is that this platform is growing much faster as compared to other platforms. So you will have the best opportunity here to set up your business on Pinterest and in the future, it might get much more valuable. 

Do you already know about it?