20 Canva Graphic Designing Tips (3 Years Exp) - Hookycrash

Wanna make your first design like a pro?

That means you are at the right place, where I am gonna comprehensively cover my 3 years of designing experience.

I personally use canva software to design blog images, pins, Instagram posts, and posts for other social media platforms.

In this, you will learn all about canva graphic designing tips ( that actually works )

If you are a beginner then this may sound like a beginner guide for you and if you already into the ocean of designing then you can learn a lot and find some tips relatable.  

1. Go for Free Canva Version

Free Canva Version

The free version of the canvas software has more than enough features for all beginners as well as for intermediate. 

Why I prefer canva is just because canva is free well as it also has pre-ready designs which we can use

Canva has lots of hidden features which you might don't know at the initial stage but as you spend more and more time in it you will get to know about the hidden features of canva software. 

Because I spend more than three years in canva. So I come across lots of hidden features, which I got to know only after practicing regularly. So practice regularly to know more about the canva software.

2. Research Using Pinterest

Research Using Pinterest

If you don't know what is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is an image-sharing platform where people used to share their graphic designs and images. 

If you really want to improve your graphic designing skills, then you should definitely use Pinterest because it has stuff with lots of well-designed images from where you can get inspiration and you can learn from their skill and also apply that to your designed images. So that you can improve yourself and learn. 

I personally use Pinterest a lot to get inspiration and I tried to observe some pins and try to make some better pins than my competitors.

3. Brand Color

Brand Color

The biggest mistake most beginners do when they design graphs is that they use any random color for their brand 

You should always stick to one color which is suitable for your brand so that people can identify you from your brand color 

So to make your work easier, I have mentioned the top 10 Premier-looking colors, which you can use for your brand which will enhance your brand quality.

4. Number Of Color In One Design

While designing any graph make sure you use at least three colors to make your graph look more professional and more interesting for your viewers. 

The color should not be too much over, like if you use any red color then make sure you use the best color combination with your color for example, red, white, black. 

Make sure you use white and black because white and black is the most versatile color, which you can use in any of your graphs, Just to make it more premium-looking designs. 

So as you can see in the about design, which I made for my Instagram post it has blue Colour as a main leading brand color and along with that blue color I also use white and black color just to make it more professional and more eye-catchy.

5. Avoid Bright Colors

Avoid Bright Colors - Cavna Mistakes

And also while making professional graphic designs, you should avoid using too bright colors. That means no bright red, no bright blue, no bright green because all these types of color will make your design immature and thus reduce the engagement rate

So you should always use the color which is smoother and simple and avoid using any sort of bright

Because bright color stains the eyes a lot, So avoid using it instead of using some premium colors, which I mentioned in the third point because these types of colors are not too bright and not too dim. These are perfect premium looking colors, which you can use for designs to make them more engaging with your audience

6. Right Fonts

Best Canva Fonts

When I started my graphic designs, I used to use random fonts, which I have no idea about what this font looks like but I used to use it in a random way. 

But as long, I became more and more familiar with graphic design. I figured out that fonts really matter a lot, without a perfect and exact font, which describes your business. You can't grow. much faster 

Stick with one single font for your brand. 

If you are continuously using any random fonts, which is not so professional and not so easy to read fonts. Then your’re engaging rate with your audience will be 10 times lower than if you use the right font. 

Just to make your work much easier. I just Create a chart as you can see in the above which has the top 10 best fonts, which you can use for your business or your graph to make it more professional and as well as easier to read fonts.

I personally using this font for the last year and I really getting enough results as I wanted and also It looks much better than before.

7. Best Font Pairs

Best Canva Fonts Pairs

While making a design you should always use a pair of fonts so that to make a difference between your main title and other content. 

If you use the same fonts for Heading and subheadings as well as for the paragraph content, then it will not make any difference. Although the viewer gets confused with it. 

So it is always preferable to use two different fonts to make a difference between your title of that design and the remaining content. 

So to make your work much easier I have mentioned the best font pairs that I use to make my graphic designs. 

It's not like, that you just have to use these fonts only it just my preference what I use. So if you like something different according to your trend and your choice, you can use another fonts pair as well which suits your business or your brand.

8. Multiple Fonts In One Design

The above point I mentioned about Multiple fonts, but you should limit yourself with a minimum and maximum of three fonts, more than that will be over stuff for your viewers. 

But you should commit yourself to use at least two fonts to make your design more relevant and more eye-catching for your audience.

9. Proper Alignment

Also while making any design you should make a design in proper alignment. 

Because proper word alignment matters a lot when it's come to professional quality designs 

You should align words in a proper way so that viewers can easily get them. That doesn't mean you have to stick with just one alignment. 

You can use and you should be careful about your what alignment you are using so then the content stays move relevant and attractive for your audience which helps in getting more engagement.

10. Highlighting

The best way to highlight the main content of your graph designs is that to highlight the main points. 

If you highlight the main points, then your viewer’s ultimate attention goes to that highlighted Points.

So it is always preferable to use bold Alphabets to highlight some major and main points of your content rather than just dropping the entire content in it. 

It's totally not okay to stuffs too much contents in your design. So it is always preferable to use limited words and make sure you bolt or Highlight some main points or main words so that you can grab people's attention from that word

11. Background Image

20 Canva Graphic Designing Tips (3 Years Exp) - Hookycrash

You cannot create the best graphic designs for your content unless you have the right background. 

Background image plays an important role when it's come to designing your graphs

Always choose a background that helps to enhance your text on the design. 

While choosing a background make sure you do not choose the fancy background so that it will be more highlighted as compared to your main content or text 

Your main focus is to make eye-catchy content or text rather than the background images.

Your text or content of your design should your first priority although images help to get the first attention and the rest will depend on your content.

12. Research 

Always tried to do maximum deep down research about your content or your design. 

The more in-depth research you do, the more you get a creative idea to design your graph in a better way. 

Do not skip the research part because without research your Design remain meaningless for your viewers. 

Because if you do any kind of silly mistakes in your designs, then you may lose the chance of getting people's attention to your content. 

These are the basic research you need to perform. 

  • Identify your targeted audience?

  • How many people are searching for the topic? 

  • Use Pinterest to do your design results.

13. Background Opacity

20 Canva Graphic Designing Tips (3 Years Exp) - Hookycrash

The biggest mistake most people do while choosing a creative background is that they use it as it is.

That means you have to reduce the opacity of your background image so that your text will be highlighted more as compared to your background image. 

From my personal experience, I always reduce the opacity of the background so that text will highlight more and it will become more catchy as compared to if you use the original background image.

14. Relevant Images

Always use a relevant image that is related to the topic or the content and avoid using irrelevant images. 

This looks more unprofessional and I have seen many of the designs which have a good quality of content, but still, they use irrelevant images which makes their design unprofessional and reduced the engagement rate with their audience.

For example -- 

If your content is related to houses then you shouldn't use the images which are related to garden or pets

15. Proper Sizing

20 Canva Graphic Designing Tips (3 Years Exp) - Hookycrash

When making a design you should be properly aware of the sizing of your fonts and images you are using. 

That means if your content is highly focusing on text, then you should be more conscious about highlighting your text more than the images. And if your content is highly focused on images then you should highly focus on images rather than highlighting text.

And you should also increase the size of fonts where it makes eye-catchy elements like discount and offers

16. Keep It Simple

20 Canva Graphic Designing Tips (3 Years Exp) - Hookycrash

Creativity always lies In a simplicity

So try to make your design very simple and straightforward so you do not confuse your audience with your designs. 

Whatever you want to express through your design, express it in a very simple and creative manner so that it feels. It will not feel too complicated to understand the actual context of your design 

Keep Your Design very simple and make it much create you as you can so that people can understand your creativity leveled by a very simple design. 

17. Proper Spacing

20 Canva Graphic Designing Tips (3 Years Exp) - Hookycrash

Proper spacing between the text also plays a vital role when you want to highlight some text on your design. 

You should be very careful with the spacing factor because your word spacing should not be too far or too close. It should be in a proper way according to your design.

18. Your Uniqueness

All these tips are just to make you aware of it and things which you need to know before starting your designing profession. 

But while making any design you should always have your own way or own style of creating a unique piece of design. 

Then only you will have your own identity through your designs. 

Take Inspirations from other designers or from other designs, but you should not copy them. You should have your own way of creating designs. So that you will stand differently in front of others.

19. Expressive Design

20 Canva Graphic Designing Tips (3 Years Exp) - Hookycrash

The best pro tip which I learned after spending a couple of years on designs. 

So what I learned is that you should always express your mood through your design so that people can understand what you want to express through that design. 

For example - 

If you're creating designs for any discount. 

Then make sure your design looks like an exciting piece of content so that people can connect with your design.

20. Regular Practice

No matter how much you take tips from others, but you will actually learn only after practicing regularly. So make sure you practice regularly to improve your quality and your speed on your designing skills. 

For me when I started. Practicing designing I used to see lots of videos and used to read lots of blogs, but I learn just basic things, but when I actually started implementing those tips and tricks for the period of time. I actually learned a lot of things more as compared to what I'll learn from others. So practice is the only thing that can help you to build a unique style of your design.