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 Permalink is a web address of a blog post. Permalink is known as a Permanent link because usually, the URL of any blog post does not change, Permalink stays till the blog post’s existence which’s why it is called a permanent link. Although you can change it whenever you want.

Permalink is a URL located on the top of the post whenever we visit that post.

Every blog

post needs a permalink to get addressed in the search engine.

Before, permalink used to be just a normal way to addressing a blog post but now things have changed and now permalink also require SEO for it, so that your blog post stands out differently

in front of your competitor’s blog post 

Permalink SEO is not much complicated as of now but it still plays a vital role in the ON-page SEO of blog post 

Example -

The whole URL of your blog post does not call a permalink, rather a small part of your URL which is placed right after your Domain name.

Mostly, the permalink ends up with the extension of .html

Without overthinking and making this thing too complicated let’s know about permalinks in detail

But before let me tell you about what you will get in this blog post.

  • Why Permalink Is So Important For SEO

  • The Ultimate Guide To SEO Friendly permalink 

  • How To Change The Permalink

  • Why You Should Not Change Your Permalink

You may think the permalink is just an URL why this blog making it so complicated, Right!

But, if you carefully read it, you will find it very simple and easy to understand.

I have tried to make the concept of permalink as simple as possible so that my reader will not any trouble related to the permalink 

Why Permalink is So Important For SEO

As you know to do SEO for a particular page, it will take around a year to rank that blog post on Google's top-ranking or on Google's first page 

As this SEO becomes so complicated and too competitive. That's why we have to keep our eyes on each and every element which helps us in SEO of our page and increase our ranking in a Google search result. 

As we know SEO is based on Too Many Factors, like backlinks, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and other lot stuff. So to make this SEO concept much easier or much more simple. 

We have to focus on each element each and every element which will help us to improve our ranking. So including a permalink SEO will definitely help you or it will act as an add-on to your blog post SEO so that it can easily rank on Google's search result. 

It is always beneficial to cover each and every element of SEO so that you won't miss anything from your side. 

The rest of the things totally depend on Google and visitors, but you should be complete enough from your side so that you won't give any chance for Google to decrease your ranking on the search engines. 

So that's where the permalink plays a vital role in improving your ranking. There are a lot more tactics and techniques you need to know which I will explain to you in this blog post so that you can easily improve your ranking and rank your blog in search engines. 

So lets into the ranking factors of the Google search engine. That is permalink SEO. Here, I will explain to you the permalink ultimate guide which you need to know to write an SEO-friendly permalink, which will help you in increasing your ranking Factor.

The Ultimate Guide To SEO Friendly permalink

Types of permalinks -

If you see, a permalink is majorly are of 2 types -

  1. Permalink with date -  

These types permalink looks like this

Types of permalinks

Basically, the publishing date of the blog will be mentioned in the URL of your blog post.

Who can use this type of permalink?

If your blog is related to News or any other type of blog where you were you get seasonal traffic then you can use this.

If you are writing evergreen content then this types of permalink will not help because, as your permalink content date so people who visit your blog post will tend to leave after seeing the date ( they will think your content is outdated ) that why google will also reduce your ranking in the search engine.

That’s why this type of permalink is suitable for the blogs like News, fashion, etc.

  1. Permalink without a date -

This type of permalink is suitable for almost every type of blog.

Because this is the most common permalink type.

This is how it looks like

Types of permalinks

This permalink includes just your targeted keywords and that's it. That's why it is known as the more simple and professional permalink.

Do not change the live page - 

Avoid change or correcting the permalink in the live blog post or page.

For example- 

If your blog URL is like:


And if you change it to:


The search engine recognize and treat this URL as a new blog post and thus you have to index it and wait for ranking, the whole process will repeat again 

So to avoid that you should not change your blog URL after publishing.

And also you will lose your visitors who are going to your first URL 

Targeted Keywords -

Whenever you customize your blog post permalink, make sure you add your main targeted keyword in your permalink so that it will be easy for you to rank on your main targeted keyword. And thus Google will also understand your blog post and does may lead to ranking faster.

One of the biggest mistakes most people do while creating a customized permalink that they write their whole title of the blog post in their permalink, which makes the permalink very unprofessional and very long. So try to make your permalink as short as possible so that people can easily remember it and you will also get a lot of benefit from having a small URL for your blog post. 

Make it short, simple, understandable, and relevant.

Use stop words

If you don't know what the stop word means, a stop word is just a short word, which is mostly used to connect the sentence or make a sentence proper. Stop words includes a, and, is, and all the short words. 

Do not avoid stop words in your URL because stop word is the only thing that makes your permalink very relatable and understandable. If you remove all the stop words from your permalink, then your permalink will never make sense to the reader. 

For example  -

What permalink? 

What is a permalink? 

If you see both of these URLs then the second one is making sense to the readers as well as for the search engine to understand it. 

Most people think that stop words really stop anything. It's nothing like that. It's just a myth. 

So make sure you include stop words in your permalink to make it more understandable and sensible.\

How To Change The Permalink

You can easily change your permalink although the step of changing Permalink different from blogger or WordPress 

But you can easily change it 

As I use blogger, so I will share with you how to change the permalink in the blogger 

How To Change The Permalink

Step 1. Open your blog post 

Step 2.  Click on the permalink option 

 You can now ready to change your permalink, after changing it make sure you update your post.


But, I never ever recommend you to change your permalink of an existing blog post.

I will tell you why

Why You Should Not Change Your Permalink

Google will index your blog post based on your URL and if you change your blog post URL then it will become a new blog post in front of Google eyes and it will take a lot more time to rank your blog in the same position again.

But if you already changed your permalink then you can use any plugin to redirect your visitors from the old URL to the new URL.

Conclusion - 

Permalink SEO is the easiest and effective SEO technique that you can learn within a couple of minutes 

By going through this permalink Ultimate guide I hope you get a piece of comprehensive knowledge about permalink SEO

What you learned new in this blog? 

Do comment because your interaction motivates me to do more.

Now it's your time to implement.