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Most of the shopping audience and switching from traditional shopping to digital shopping that is eCommerce. 

So in this scenario, we need to know the advantages of e-commerce. 

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing customer chains all over the world. 

Before, people used to shop for products by physically going to the shop. 

But nowadays, people are switching to online purchases of goods and services. So it's very beneficial for you to know the advantages of e-commerce. So that if you want to start one in future, then you can go for it by knowing the best ever advantage of it. 

Now if we detail the advantages of e-commerce, then we will find plenty of advantages and plenty of disadvantages as well. But we are going to cover the main aspect of the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce so that you can have a top overview of it.

I'm going to discuss with you about the advantages and disadvantage of e-commerce which is more highlighted, one in the field of e-commerce. The rest of the small advantages and disadvantages will be there. But these are the main attractions of people.

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Advantage of E-commerce

Easy to buy and sell

And the first-ever advantage of e-commerce is that we can easily buy and sell products without facing many difficulties. 

In the traditional Commerce system, people used to be physically available there and then sell and buy products but with the help of e-commerce, we can actually buy and sell products without being physically available in that place. We can actually do it on digital media platforms. 

It saves most of our time and energy so that we can utilize that time and energy into something different to grow our future in a brighter way. 

Buying products on e-commerce, Doesn't Even Take 5 to 10 minutes to buy one. 

If you want to buy something from any e-commerce platform, then you just have to search for your product. Then you will get a ton of results in it and you can click any one of it which you want and you can actually review the product and then you can click on it and fill up some details and you will be ready to purchase that product. 

Similarly, in the case of selling the product, you just have to be the seller on that platform and you just have to list your products in it and you can enjoy the Fruitful result of it if people like your product and then purchase it.

Comparison available

The other biggest advantage of e-commerce is that we are easily able to compare the price and product quality of similar-looking products on different eCommerce platforms, which helps us to buy that product at a very satisfying price. And you can also verify the quality of the product by reading the reviews of the people and their feedback as well which makes your job very much easier to make a decision regarding buying the product. 

If we go for physical shopping, then we have to go through various sections for buying similar kinds of products for comparison, but with the help of e-commerce, we can easily compare the product in just a minute of time. And we can also get to the conclusion of buying the product or not. 

So, the biggest benefit of having an e-commerce platform is that it saves lots of our time.

Apart from other advantages, I personally like the comparison feature 

Because whenever we want to buy a product, we should not regret it after buying it. So we can easily compare the price of the product, the quality of the product and previous feedback of the people which help us to make decisions.

Easy to find products

Another advantage of e-commerce is that we can easily find any product we want. 

Let's go back to the traditional Commerce system, where we have to go to each and every product separately one by one, but here in digital e-commerce, we don't have to do that. We just have to search for the product you want and you'll get tons of different brand product results, which makes our job very much easier and less time-consuming. 

Before, when you want to purchase any product, we have to go through various shops for the product, but this is not the case.

ECommerce provides us products very easily even though if a product is not available in one platform, we can move to another platform that has It. Ultimately, our mission is to buy the product, which we can do easily with the help of e-commerce.

Less time consuming

As I already mentioned, e-commerce reduces our time in purchasing products.

So where it takes us to purchase one single commodity in 1 hour, it can be done in 1 minute with the help of e-commerce 

We don't have to visit the shop, we don't have to travel and also we know whether the product is available or not 

But no more problems in e-commerce, here we just have to search for the product, even  though the product is not available we can easily switch to other platforms 

So e-commerce reduces our time and effort while shopping 

Customer reviews

By reading customer reviews and customer feedback on the product. We can actually buy that product in a very clear-minded way so that we don't get confused about the product quality in the future. 

So by reading customer reviews, we can actually imagine the product quality and the product usefulness which help us to decide whether to buy the product or not. 

Rather than buying the product without knowing about it, it is better to buy the product which you know the reviews of.

Instead of buying the product without any knowledge, it is better to buy the product with the proper customer reviews in their feedback

Payment options

Purchasing products on any e-commerce site we'll get multiple options for payment which leads to customer convenience in buying products. 

If the payment options are just limited to a couple of things, this will really motivate the customer who cannot Avail of that option. 

So e-commerce provides us multiple options to make a payment which leads to customer satisfaction. Entered customers will buy the product again and again, as the payment option is very convenient and very easy to use. 

And another best thing about e-commerce, then it provides the product directly to our doors. So we didn't make an effort to take the goods or products which we wanted.

Disadvantage Of E-commerce

I will be discussing with you some of the major aspects or disadvantages of e-commerce. I believe that, as if we want to know something then we should know both the positive and negative aspects of the thing. So that's why I come up with the major disadvantage of e-commerce, which I personally find misleads e-commerce or you can say it's a major disadvantage of e-commerce.

Misleading images

So, the first and biggest disadvantage of e-commerce is misleading images. 

I'm not saying every product has misleading images but some of them have. So as an online product people do not truly depend on the image of the product because some might have a misleading image and some might have the Right image, but we cannot identify it unless we personally purchase that product. 

So sometimes when we are purchasing the product, we need to go through all the aspects of the product but in some cases, the images mislead people about the product. 

So, I believe this is one of the biggest disadvantages of e-commerce because people purchase products only on the basis of the image. If images are only misleading, then this will ultimately end up destroying the desire of the customer to buy any product again Because of the bad experience he had in the past.

No personal touch

Lack of Personal Touch is also a disadvantage because some products need to be Purchase on the basis of his touch ability. 

Still, there are lots of people who do not trust e-commerce. They trust the physical buying of products. 

Because nowadays there are also people who want to purchase Goods by touching and feeling the product.

Obviously, e-commerce cannot give Personal Touch to the product. I consider it as a disadvantage because of this, 

A part of the audience does not buy products because they cannot touch and feel the product online. 

Although a large number of people are buying online. This disadvantage is only for those who want to buy a product by feeling and touching the product.

Don’t know about the quality of the product

Another disadvantage of e-commerce is that we will not be able to know the quality of the product to purchase it. 

Still, if we read customer reviews or customer feed bags, we find some products are good performing and some products are performing badly. So it's very difficult for us to buy a product.

Delivery time

When you order something online, it usually takes one or two days or maybe more to get delivered. This will be considered the disadvantage of e-commerce because When we do shopping from traditional methods, then we usually get the product immediately after purchasing it. 

But in the case of e-commerce, you will get the product after a couple of days which is considered under disadvantage. Although if you think logically it will take time. But as compared to the traditional shopping system, it comes under disadvantage.