Infosys - Narayana Murthy | Story of Infosys Till Now
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Infosys founder Narayana Murthy was born on 20th August 1946. He was born in a poor but educated family and his father was a high school teacher.

Narayana Murthy did his Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1967 from the University of Mysore.

Narayana Murthy was the founder of Infosys and he was the chief mentor of Infosys before he got retired. The net worth of Narayana Murthy was about 430 cores USD.

He was called a tech giant because he started the company in that era where people did not use to believe in such types of businesses but that make Narayana Murthy stand out from others.

Now Infosys has become one of the top Indian company which changes the perspective of the way people looked at India

How INFOSYS Started - 

Infosys was started very interestingly and with a very quick execution in January 1981. 

Narayana Murthy and his six other software engineering friends were sat in an apartment and discussing how technology can change the world and some common topic related to technology, but suddenly they had thought of, What if they could create a company, which writes software codes and helps others in terms of software skills.

As they had this thought, they, suddenly thought it could be an amazing idea to start one because the competition was very low, at that point in time. So they took it as an opportunity and  Challenge and they started immediately working on that company. 

And after 6 months, they registered in it as a private limited company on 2nd, July 1981. 

And their registered office is amongst one of the co-founder houses, which is located in Matunga, Central Mumbai. 

And that's how Infosys was started and took birth and later on, it became one of the successful Tech companies all over the world

Meaning of INFOSYS - 

The word Infosys is a combination of two different words that is Information (INFO) Systems (SYS)

Struggles of INFOSYS - 

When Narayana Murthy had thought of starting a company for software codes (Infosys), he had no clue about the number of challenges he gonna face in the future but the first biggest problem he faced is of funds.

Narayana Murthy just has about 250$ with him (that too he borrowed from his wife Sudha Murthy). Just imagine how hard it could be to start a company like Infosys with just 250$.

Anyhow he managed and got started with Infosys but he had no proper office and no proper employees except his six engineering friends.

Infosys had a Journey of 40+ Years in Software service. Starting with $250 to $15 Million Infosys had stepped into various services as well

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What Infosys is all about 

Infosys is a software service provider that became the first IT company from India to get listed in NASDAQ.

Now let’s know about the service provided by Infosys - 

  1. Digital marketing service

  2. Outsourcing service

  3. Commerce 

  4. Technology service

  5. Banking software solution

  6. Consultancy 

  7. Business service 

And the list goes on and on

Here I have just mentioned some of the biggest service provided by Infosys but apart from it Infosys also have its footprints on other fields as well.

Infosys product - 

Infosys has various products and platforms but one of the famous products of Infosys is FINACLE which is a banking software solution. Finacle help to transform the way banks are getting operated and to be more efficient in terms of support and integrity 

Infosys company profile - 

Infosys is an Indian Multinational company that was founded on 2 July 1981 by Narayana Murthy and his team.

Infosys is an IT service provider as well IT consultancy 

Infosys revenue - 

Infosys was started off with $250 and now it has grown up to $14.91 billion. The main aim of Infosys is to bring development in the field of Information Technology in the world.

Infosys location 

Infosys was started in Pune and now currently it has its headquarter in Bangalore.

Infosys founder - 

  1. N.R. Narayana Murthy 

  2. Nandan Nilekani

  3. S.D. Shibulal 

  4. Kris Gopalakrishnan

  5. Ashok Arora

  6. N.S. Raghavan

  7. K. Dinesh

Here is the founder’s list of Infosys and N.S Raghavan house was the first official registered office of Infosys.